New month, new goals!

Children’s Book
I’ve written out a story for a children’s sci-fi/fantasy book series. My goal is to work with an artist to bring it to life.

National Novel Writing Month? Not me. I’m working on a script for a mini series that can be simply described as a cross between Heroes and Firefly with stylings of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I have all sorts of scenes and parts written out along with some production challenges figured out. My goal is to have a written out draft by the end of the month.

Wild Improv Challenge!
This series sort of fizzled out last month, but I’m feeding it this month. My goal is to film enough challenges to put together a DVD/Blu-ray in time for a Christmas present.

Will I accomplish these goals? Stay tuned to find out! Some other things to look forward to this month: the release of my murder mystery party game, great gift ideas from Uncovering Oklahoma, and maybe even a new short story.