Here are some of my favorite performances I have recently filmed:

Twinprov: Rap-Sody – True Agnosticsm – Oct. 1, 2011
Twinprov, made up of OKC Improv artistic directors and twin brothers Buck and Clint Vrazel, performing their acclaimed “Hip Hop Harold” musical improv long-form, Rap-sody at OKC Improv on October 1, 2011. The suggestion was “true agnosticism.” They are joined on stage by musician Kyle Gossett (Trouble Clef).

Short, Round, and Brown Act 1 and Act 2
Short, Round & Brown. One Woman. Plus. Featuring Cristela Carrizales as she tells stories and sings about her life.

Red Letters @ OKC Improv – Oct. 1, 2011
Red Letters’s off the rails performance from OKC Improv show featuring Bryan Buckley and a deliriously and hilariously jet-legged Alyssa Buckley!

It’s Momma @ OKC Improv – Oct. 1, 2011
OKC Improv debut of the one-man show “It’s Momma” created by and starring actor/improviser Rory Littleton (Everybody and Their Dog) in which he plays an exuberant woman known as Momma inspired by the many strong female influences in his life.