On Uncovering Oklahoma, I released a new video on Urban Art. Urban Art houses Art Fusion Studio, Istvan Gallery, Maya Trading Company, and the Blue Sage Glass Blowing Studio. I personally enjoy going to the artist openings Istvan Gallery holds (which was when this video was recorded). If your family is visiting and you want to show them something cool in Oklahoma City, take them to Urban Art

The video actually started out as just a segment on Istvan Gallery, however, Stephen Kovash encouraged me to include all of Urban Art. I was able to meet with each of the owners that night and they were gracious enough to talk to me despite the short notice. Filming this video really stressed the importance of having a second battery for my new camera. Typically, I’m in and out of a place in about an hour, but there are going to be times where I’m including video from an event or the place is just simply large. I went out and brought one the following Sunday.

I recorded a bunch of materiel that didn’t make it into the final video. I’ll release full length artist interviews throughout the next few weeks. Some of the quotes I got from the owners I’m saving for my Uncovering Oklahoma book.

I’m happy with how the video turned out. Although I need not be afraid to make people repeat quotes if something goes wrong or doesn’t sound smooth. It’s amazing how much I learn from doing each video even though I’ve doing this for over two years now. Scenarios change.

Enjoy the video!