The games section has its first game: The Movie Murder Mystery Party.

In this murder mystery game guests take the roles of various cast and crewmembers celebrating the completion of filming of their movie when the director suddenly dies at the party. However, the paranoid Director hid magical clues. These clues reveal hints as to who committed the crime. The scavenger hunt brings a unique aspect to the standard murder mystery game. The story of the party, the movie itself, and characters are improvised making this game different each time it’s played with between 8 and 16 people.

The game page contains a 22 page .pdf file to play the game and a movie I shot of the game’s first play test.

While I’m writing about this game, I want to give thanks to my friend, William Rader, for his help editing the document.

This is a great game for a party. I hope you have fun playing it!