In my fastest turn around time for a video yet is my interview with Nancy Russell of Cookies and Cards in Norman. I filmed and edited this interview today. Cookies & Cards is a place in Norman for unique gifts, jewelry, greeting cards for all occasions and, of course, amazing cupcakes and other sweet treats. Nancy is a wonderful person. I tried her one her sugar cookies with strawberry cream cheese icing, which I’m not a fan of strawberry stuff – but this cookie delicious, and a chocolate cupcake, which was super moist. The video can be watched above, which is the first time I’m on camera for an interview (trying something new for the restaurant interviews). For the transcription, pictures, and more visit Uncovering Oklahoma’s page on Cookies and Cards.

In other Uncovering Oklahoma news, I submitted version 1.1 of the date guide book to Apple for approval for the iBookstore. This update includes some fixes and minor additions. The updated version will be released soon.