On the 22nd I decorated a gingerbread TARDIS that my most fantastic S.O. baked just for me. I haven’t actually eaten it yet, but some things are just too pretty to eat. Although, I did eat some of the candies while decorating it and S.O. finished off the gum drops yesterday.

“Frosting Bow Ties are Cool”

“Cookie Companions”

If you want to make your own Gignerbread TARDIS, here are some helpful tips:

– If baking your own TARDIS, make sure the dough is well chilled (overnight is best) before you cut out the pieces.
– We used a picture of the TARDIS that we cut out and laid on top of the rolled out cookie dough as a template. We then used a knife to cut out four of these sides.
– Bake according to recipe! (Don’t exterminate it.)
– Use two people when frosting the TARDIS sides together. We used Betty Crocker Decorating Cookie Icing (Cream Cheese) because it hardens fast.
For the Doctor and companions, we used Ninja Cookie Cutters.
Here’s where the Weeping Angel cookie design was found.

Have yourself a tasty Christmas!