Despite being busy with several projects, I’ve made time to see some great Christmas lights this year. The Markwell Neighborhood Lights and the Downs Family Lights were the most spectacular free displays. I posted sample videos on Uncovering Oklahoma’s Facebook page, which I’ve embedded below.

Markwell Lights:
Tune your car radio to 102.3 and watch a neighborhood of lights syned to music. To get to this amazing display, from highway I-40 in Oklahoma City, exit onto N. Council Rd. and head north to 23rd Street. The intersection will have a stop light. Turn left heading west on 23rd street. Turn left heading south on Graham (it’s the second intersection) and follow the lights!

Downs Family:
A short sample of the Downs Family Christmas Light Show. At 2900 72nd Avenue, about one-half mile south of Highway 9 in Norman, you’ll find the Downs Family Christmas lighting display. Park on the large field, turn your radio to 107.1 FM, and watch the 20 minute light show. Afterwards, donate some canned food for charity.