For you tonight, I wrote this quick article about five simple things I’ve learned that helped in improving my life in some fashion.

Toothpaste Cleans Headlights

On a Saturday night, I was pulled over by a police officer and was politely informed that my tag lights and a break light were out. This lead to a trip to the auto parts store. While I was there, I asked about headlight cleaning kits. The guy there said that he heard that toothpaste is great for cleaning lights. (If they can clean teeth, why not?) I bought a tube of toothpaste for $2.50 and the results are amazing. I used about half a tube on each light and scrubbed in circular motions for about fives minutes. I took the before (to the left) and after (to the right) pictures of my lights for science.

Short Exercise in the Morning Helps All Day

This is something personal that I’ve noticed. Whenever I exercise in the morning before work, I have more energy and I’m generally in a better mood throughout the day. It doesn’t take much either, even a few pushups and crunches, and then I’m good. Adding a multivitamin helps too.

Ask for a name again when leaving to better remember it

I have the tendency to forget names. It happens to all of us. When I’m meeting people for Uncovering Oklahoma, I’ve found that when I ask for their name again right before I leave, I can remember it better. The trick is remembering to ask for it at the end.

Recharge with Fresh Air Breaks

I don’t smoke, but I do like to step outside for a few minutes to meditate. When everything is going wrong at work, I recommend stepping outside for a few minutes for a Fresh Air Break verus a smoke break. Breath, relax, and maybe meditate too. When I go back inside, my head is much clearer and I’m sure yours will be too.

Stormy Weather Helps Authors Write

Well, it does… So does money.