Over at Uncovering Oklahoma, my page on The Center of the Universe in Tulsa was mentioned in a blog post, 10 Real Life Things That Would Be Easter Eggs in a Video Game. It’s a fun read. I noticed this because there was a massive spike in traffic and naturally I wanted to know where it came from. The day that article was published, I had the highest traffic to Uncovering Oklahoma period. With the traffic the page has been receiving, I updated it with more pictures and the passage on it from the date idea book.

Speaking of the Date Idea Book, the paperback is now available at BARNS & NOBLE and a digital DRM-free PDF option is at Lulu. At the time I wrote this, Barns & Noble put my book on sale for $9.57 so get it while you can for cheap! I’m looking into creating an eReader format version of the book, which would forgo any facing page layout for straight information.

I am scheduled for an interview on the radio show, No Fun Intended, on February 10. I’m really excited about it! Hopefully I’ll be scheduled for more interviews. I really want this book to do well.

Now for an update on my Sonic the Hedgehog fan site that I own, SoaH City. It might not be dead just yet. I’m not going to say anything more!

The Time Traveling Troupe? Stories are slowly in the works for it. I’m working on scripts and another book at the same time.

I’ve lowered the price The Movie Murder Mystery Party game book down to $8.99 for the paperback book. (Depending on when you read this, some stores may still have the $9.99 price.)

Well, I believe that’s everything for now.