Today was my live TV interview on the local news station, KFOR, with Oklahoma royalty, Linda Cavanaugh, talking about my book, Uncovering Oklahoma’s 2013 Date Idea Book. (I was asked on Facebook by a friend if I was knighted by Linda, which I wasn’t…this time.) I arrived shortly after 4 pm and met up with the producer, Tara Blume. Tara and I talked about the interview process, the places I would be mentioning, and their order so they could have video syned up to show what I was talking about. We had talked via e-mail in advance so she could have the footage ready of the places.

The amazing places that I talked about were Syrup, Sam Noble, Andy Alligator’s, Hey Day, Oklahoma River Cruises, t urban teahouse, and OKC Improv. There were supposed to be three different scenarios: young couples, married couples, and a road trip date which had Bedre, Turner Falls, and Air Donkey Zipline, however, the road trip date was cut short due to breaking news. I’m totally cool with that because I got some time to promote the book.

My experience being there was so unreal. The newsroom where I hung out had a small, well-oiled crew. Everything just seemed so smooth and efficient from my perspective. Tara was great. Linda was really nice. I left her a copy of the book. They didn’t do hair, make-up, or anything like that on me, although, I did come there looking awesome.

I have to thank my friend, Charmaine, for getting my foot in the door there! Thank you!

I also distributed copies of the book for sale at Full Circle Bookstore, I.V.C. Gallery, and Put A Cork In It. It has been a busy day. I hope all of this work pays off. Goodnight!