It’s time for me to write a book review on a story I read a few months ago. I saw an advertisement for Geekomancy by Michael R Underwood on Facebook where it described itself as “Clerks meets Buffy the Vampire the Slayer.” Of course, this had be intrigued. Geekomancy is an urban fantasy story about comic book shop barista, Ree Reyes, as she uncovers the world of Geekomancers – people that derive supernatural powers from pop culture. If you’ve seen the TV series, Warehouse 13, this is a geek version of it in way. To rehash the book’s description a bit, the story ramps up when a scruffy-looking guy, Eastwood, enters the comic shop looking for a comic like his life depends on it. Ree writes it off as just another day until she hears a gigantic “BOOM!” in the alley and ends up following Eastwood into the hidden magical world of Geekomancy.

The book is packed with so many pop culture references that seeing a movie version of Geekomancy is highly unlikely, especially since there are scenes where Ree gets superpowers from works as Harry Potter and the deductive powers of the new BBC Sherlock (complete with seeing texts in her mind). The story is visual treat too from the the comic book shop to the Dorkcave and all of the imaginative gadgets. The book is an adventurous ride with secrets revealed in every chapter, making Geekomancy a great read that was hard for me to put down and so it gets my recommendation.

A small footnote: When writing this review, I found out that a sequel, Celebromancy, will be released in July and I will be buying it.