For the second full day with my family on my trip to Georgia, we visited the tourist town, Helen. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Chattahoochee River, this Northeast Georgia town is a re-creation of an alpine village. The town features cobblestone alleys, windmills, and old-world towers. With their strict building codes, even morden places as the fast-food burger restaurant, Wendys, follows the same look of the town.

Helen has all types of tourist shops – from glass blowing, wine/beer tasting, wooden toys, and souvenir shops. One of my favorite was, Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen (8651 N. Main St., Helen, GA). You can watch them make fudge and chocolate dip treats.

My sister and I rode the river on a river tube with Cool River Tubing Company. Starting at $5 a person, one can take an hour or two hour long trip down the river, which will flow through downtown. The ride can be either relaxing or adventurous. I would recommended buying a stick if you’re worried about getting stuck and not having control. The ride was incredible.

Helen took up the bulk of our day. We drove around Georgia, looking at passing towns. We had a great dinner at Italy’s Pizza and Pasta Company (2590 Hamilton Mill Rd, Buford, GA) and that was the end of the day.