Most of my creative energy has been spent toward Uncovering Oklahoma.

Over the past month, I overhauled the web site. It features a responsive design — looking sexy for any device, magazine style front page with featured images, and in short, it looks much nicer. I’ve had popular articles, like this one, that got an insane amount of shares. I’ve been building relationships with media managers. I’ve been having fun taking a typical press release like this one and turning it into something like this story. I’ve done several fun interviews, like with the band, Team Nightstand; director/writer, Brandon Bergin; and singer/songwriter, Audra Elizabeth. I have a new video in the works on the Take9 variety show in Norman, which I should finish this week. Plus, so much more.

I feel like Uncovering Oklahoma is going somewhere positive and I feel great about it. I just got to do something big to give it a popularity boost. I’ll keep working on it and see where the site goes.

While Uncovering Oklahoma and my day job has been getting my focus, other projects…not so much. I’ve done little creative writing. I have been researching for a new car though. The Crashing of Heaven and Hell is now available for the Nook. Shelved a private investigator romance series for another time along with story connecting to The Time Travel Troupe. I did come up with a few ideas for new projects. That’s good!

And I’ll be sharing one of those new projects soon! Good night!