During June’s Premiere of Film Row event, Leslie and I took part in a Ghostbuster parody video. I got an e-mail today with the finished video! You should watch it. Not just because I’m in it, which is always a good reason to watch something, but you should watch it for a valuable lesson, which may or may not come in handy. In any case, valuable lesson and me.

Volunteers from the audience at the June 2014 Première on Film Row street party were cast in this “Ghostbusters” parody, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic movie’s release. Actors set up in front of the green screen on the Paramount Cafe center stage and Chuck at Upper Room Graphics did all the special effects. Enjoy!

Noel S. as Friend 1
Dennis S. as Friend 2
Leslie K. as Gozer
Brian Gililland as Ghostbuster 1
Brandon Chism as Ghostbuster 2

and a crowd of dozens!

“Mischievous Ghosts theme” by Yamy