For Uncovering Oklahoma, I did a mafia inspired interview from inside my car truck with food truck owner, Seth Barker, of MOB Grill. The whole thing started off as a silly joke on Twitter when I tweeted:

MOB Grill replied saying it sounded like a fun idea and after an email exchange to make sure they were seriously interested, we actually filmed the interview in my car trunk. We of course took safety precautions. Leslie stood outside the car, the trunk was never completely closed, the car was equipped with a handle inside the trunk, and the back seats to the trunk were down as well. We both got hot and sweaty rather fast, but it was quick interview and it was worth it to do something unique.

After the video was released, Seth sent me an email saying, “That is AWESOME!!! The video is fantastic, you did a phenomenal job! My phone is blowing up with people talking about. WOW! Thanks a million times over!” His response made my day.

This was my first time using my new Panasonic GH4 camera for an interview. Still learning everything about it. I’m happy as to how well this whole video turned out!