Important Meeting - photo by Dennis Spielman
Important Meeting
An important meeting is being held to discuss the future, with the sharing of conflicting ideas, action plans, hopelessness, and the possibility of a brighter life.

Deeper Pretentious Artistic Meaning:
The Adventurer wants to go, go, go! There are places to explore! People to meet! Things to uncover! Adventure and a better life is out there! We just got to go! It will find us or we will find it! Let’s go!

The Writer wants to plan grand stories. There is a whole universe of characters, places, and stories that needs to be shared! The 16th Phoenix Universe is so beautiful!

The Professional wants to accomplish goals and achieve dreams. Synergy, networking, professionalism, and making things will (somehow) make us happy! There are question marks in his outline and seeks advice to be better. Kaizen – keep improving!

The Day-Jober wants the feeling of hopelessness and being trapped to vanish. However, he knows he is the only stable one making any income for the group. He’s exhausted. He feels defeated, but sits with the group in hopes of “Adventure” and “Telling Stories” and “Great Accomplishments.”

Behind the Photo:
This is my first Self-Shot Series I’ve done with my Panasonic GH4 camera and it’s been a couple years since I made one of these. One of the cool things I was able to do with my newer camera was I was able to use my iPhone to control it and get into place in a more natural pose without having to run from pressing the timer button. Out of the self-shot series thus far, this one is the more emotional photos for me as it does convey my internal struggles of creativity and success.