The kiddie-rock duo, the Sugar Free Allstars, answer questions for Uncovering Oklahoma. Found out what happens when you give them too much sugar, their thoughts on the Norman Music Festival, how mad Fowler VW is at them for using the confetti cannon in their repair bay for their latest music video, and more.

On the subject of music, I travel to Tulsa to interview Deana McCloud, Executive Director of the Woody Guthrie Center. Perhaps this video will kill some fascists.

Be sure to watch the whole video. 😉

I’m a bit worried about topping this great video. I made a guest appearance in the video, which was a last minute change as the PR person for the Sugar Free Allstars was supposed to be the one to get interrogated. For next week’s video, I’m working on arranging an interview with Julia Kirt about Oklahomans for the Arts and have a travel segment about a cool store and museum in Tulsa.

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