In this week’s video, I visit Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails in Downtown Norman to hear from Brandy Sexton and Trey Reimer on what sets Scratch apart. Plus, Kristin Weddendorf shows how they make their exclusive Kat’s Eye cocktail.

Then in Oklahoma City’s Film Row District, I get to know the new 21c Museum Hotel with Steve Wilson, Matt Cowden, Molly Swyers, and Executive Chef of Mary Eddy’s OKC, Jason Campbell.

When my wife and I have been running the treadmills at the gym, I’ve been watching the Travel Channel (since it’s there and we don’t have cable). It’s been inspiring, giving me fresh ideas, and learning new techniques. For this episode, I made it a point to go inside the kitchens and get behind the scenes. I’m still trying to perfect showing the culinary process with only one camera, but this turned out well and with practice comes improvement. I asked Scratch to show how they make of their signature cocktails, which is the first time I did something like that segment. They actually showed how to make two cocktails, but I thought the pacing would be off if I showed both, so I’ll share the other as a stand-alone feature.

I’m hoping to share some news soon about a new project I’ve completed. Just waiting for it to be published…