Uncovering Oklahoma spends half a day with comedian, Brett James, a.k.a. the Halfrican American as he celebrates his retirement from the Air Force and as he transitions into a full-time comedian.

As you can tell, this week’s video is different with the “day in the life” documentary style. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Depending on feedback, I may do more of these in the future. I’ve asked people on the site if I did, who would they want me to feature next.

I’ve wanted to feature Brett as a guest for some time, back when I did Uncovering Oklahoma as a talk show format. However, when I changed the format, I wasn’t sure how to feature him. Fast forward to several months later. I was at an art barter show at Current Studio where people trade goods or services in exchange for art. My original offer was to follow the artist around for a day to make a documentary/mockumentary about them. On the two art pieces I bid on, my offer wasn’t taken, but I still liked the idea. When I was brainstorming who to follow, I thought of Brett.

Originally, I had planned to spend all of Wednesday with Brett, but some issues came up for him, and I joked with him, “I think I’m going to call this ‘Half a Day with the Halfrican American.'” He liked the title, and we stuck with it.

Thank you again for your patience on the release of this week’s video! We wanted to make sure we used the best clips for it. As you’ll learn from watching the video, Brett is a new father of two twins, and so it took him a while to review his comedy set to pick the best segment to showcase.

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