Oklahoma Contemporary’s Artist Director, Jeremiah Matthew Davis, shares five things he wants everyone to know about Tomás Saraceno’s Cloud City.

The large-scale art installation opened Sept. 8 at Campbell Art Park, adjacent to the site of Oklahoma Contemporary’s planned art campus at NW 11th and Broadway. Support and interest have been extraordinary so that the sculpture will stay in OKC through Oct. 30.

Visitors to Cloud City can walk inside what Saraceno calls “a utopian city in the sky.” Made of steel and acrylic, the structure is both transparent and reflective, so that grass may appear overhead and the sky is reflected onto the ground. The 16 interconnected modules – each the size of a small room – draw shapes from natural forms, including bubbles, clouds, universes, bacteria, foam and animals’ neural communication networks.

This video’s end credit music is by local musician, Jarvix. I recently did a four-part series with him releasing four videos to promote The Looper Sessions. I recommend checking them out too.