Home to a vibrant group of artists, the Paseo Arts District is flourished with art galleries, all within walking distance, and interwoven with restaurants and retail establishments. My new 10-minute documentary explores life in the Paseo, its history, and what makes it unique from the views of artists, board members, and gallery owners. Interviewed for this story was Amanda Bleakley, Betsy King, Charles Martin, Lisa Jean Allswede, Dustin Oswald, Amy Young, Trina Morrison, and Joy Reed Belt.

The video features local Oklahoma music with “Blue Fox Drive” by The So Help Me’s, “As You Are” by Jarvix, “My New Love” by Wicked Shimmies, and “Entity” by Speak, Memory. Also, there is closed caption support in English.

I’ve been working on this documentary for a couple of months and I hope you enjoy it!