Get to know many of the fun activities of Downtown in December in this week’s video. Riley Cole gives an overview of what people can do in Oklahoma City throughout the winter months. Eric Oesch shares Red Earth’s story about Treefest. Michael Baron talks about the Lyric Theatre’s holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. Then Leslie Spears discusses the events at the Myriad Gardens, like the Devon Ice Rink and Saturday’s with Santa.

This week’s video features the holiday songs, “Mr. Nicholas” by The Wurly Birds and “Breaking the Ice” by Samantha Crain. Both songs are from the Fowler VW & Blackwatch Studios Christmas Album Series. The albums can be downloaded for free, with 100% of donations going to Norman Public Schools elementary music programs.

I’m super proud as to how well this video turned out! There are many aspects to Downtown in December and so next year I’ll work on highlighting the others, like the shopping events. The video did mention the shopping events, but I didn’t do any interviews with them because if I was going to have one, I would want them all and one, the Deluxe Winter Market, has already passed. I’ll be collecting more b-roll footage to use for next year.

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