Follow Uncovering Oklahoma on this caffeine crawl highlighting eight of Norman’s independent coffee shops. People from Second Wind, Cool Beans, The Screen Door, Michelangelo’s, Syrup, Gray Owl Coffee, Waving Wheat, and Crimson & Whipped Cream share their stories, their passion for coffee, and discuss the coffee scene in Norman, Oklahoma.

With eight places featured in a 20-minute video, I separated each place onto their own video for those wanting to know about a particular place. You can watch those videos here.

This project took me a little over a month to complete. I filmed the first interview back on January 26th. During the process, I had to reshoot one interview, visit places on different days, and schedule delays with owners. Plus, toward the end, I decided to add two more places that I was thinking of saving for another story instead.

Despite the setbacks from the size of this project, I’m thrilled with how well it turned out. I worked to make sure each coffee shop’s video felt unique because the places are different from one another. The OU Norman bells can be heard in one interview. Overall, the reception for this video was been positive.

Am I going to do a Coffee of Oklahoma City? Not any time soon. There’s like two to three times the amount of coffee shops. That might be too big.

I hope you enjoy it! Right now, I’m working on my new art documentary and the Food of Lindsey Street so stay tuned for those.