Dusty Gilpin leads a tour of Tree and Leaf, a youthful lifestyle brand in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. Dusty walks through his store sharing how Tree and Leaf started, what they do to support the community, the artists they host during Live on the Plaza, and what they care about.

The day before I filmed this video, I interviewed Dusty for my art documentary, which I’m going to admit I had to borrow a memory card from him in order to film it. Such an amateur mistake, I know. On the serendipitous side, I hadn’t featured Tree and Leaf on Uncovering Oklahoma yet and since I had to return his SD card to him, why not do a video about his business while I was there? It all worked out. I now have a spare memory card that stays in my bag.

Instead of the normal interview I do with businesses owners, Dusty and I decided to do a tour like MTV’s Cribs. I’m getting better at working with people on these tour videos. While I enjoy the authenticity people reveal from themselves in a first take, next time, two takes to see what happens.

I also made a shorter, square 1:1 version for social media.

This was the first time I made a square video. Or maybe this is the second time? Whatever. There’s a square version that’s less than a minute for people.