I’m excited to announce that I’m one of the speakers for this year’s IgniteOKC! IgniteOKC is a community-driven networking event that connects people of diverse backgrounds and knowledge through a series of entertaining, rapid-fire presentations. The basic premise is presenters get 5 minutes and 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds. In my topic, Local Roadtripping 101, I will share my advice on planning, packing, and suggestions for road trips in Oklahoma.

I know one of the other speakers, Jeff Provine, as I’ve interviewed him for Uncovering Oklahoma. Jeff will be talking about Oklahoma City’s ghosts. Everyone else, I’m not familiar with, but I’m looking forward to meeting them. I am curious How Bach Can Change Your World One Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit at a Time.

The event will be May 25, 2017, at Lyric Theatre in the Plaza District. Before that, on Wednesday, May 3rd at 6:00 PM at The Offices of Dunlap Codding there will be a Meet and Greet event.

I hope to see you there!