Quarter Minutes is back for a second season! To start off the new season is the short, Parallel Travels. Parallel Travels tells a tale of getting a parallel universe travel device to work.

For this season, I’m more open to the idea of making the videos longer than 15-seconds, but I’m still keeping the theme of exploring the multiverse to capture glimpses of strange and seemly normal oddities. For example, the first three videos we’ve made are each about a minute long. We’ll also be doing some parodies too and we’ve already filmed one on Stranger Things.

Stay tuned as new videos will be released on Mondays. For updates, follow Quarter Minutes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and here as well. If you love what we’re doing, want to see more, and before everyone else, became a patron.

This video featured the talents of Dennis Spielman, Daniel Austin, Pallas, Robyn Wheelock, and the OKC Tornado Siren.

Have a good time!