More than a bookstore, Commonplace Books in Midtown OKC is about community, hospitality, and people. In this interview, Benjamin Nockels and Chris Castro share what visitors can expect at this community gathering space with a bookstore and kitchen.

I’m grateful that Ben and Chris were able to do this interview sort of last minute yesterday afternoon. They helped me keep my weekly video streak as I’ve been having scheduling conflicts and not hearing back from people about interviews. I’ve been wanting to do a proper interview with Commonplace Books for a while, but I had held off until they opened their kitchen. With their kitchen space now open, they were the first place I thought for the last minute interview.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Bartlesville, which is near Tulsa, to spend a day with Josh Wright. We’ll be collaborating on a video about things to check out in his town. This video will be next week’s featured story.

Then next week I’m doing a pub crawl video on the Film Row district with the team behind AMP Fest. I’m also working on interviews for a documentary feature about the Plaza Walls. Stay tuned!