Speak, Memory performs a live concert at the Tower Theatre as part of the COOP Showcase on July 19, 2018. The band describes their music as, “unusual or obtuse at first, but easy to warm up to. Contemplative, a little dreamy. Occasionally frantic. Basically, like us.”

The audio source comes directly from the soundboard hence why you don’t hear the audience. This was my first time recording a concert at the Tower Theatre and it was a last minute project, but it turned out good. I had no control over the audio mix. In the future, I’d like to have more cameras to switch between other than the two. The band was happy with how great the video turned out and that’s what’s important.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out the next COOP Showcase, which will feature Vonna Pearl, Swim Fan, and Jose Hernandez & The Black Magic Waters at the Tower Theatre on August 30th. For more information and tickets, click here.