I have two spooky encounters/stories to tell about recording Tales Unveiled and a crossover/collaboration with the Okie Show Show at Stone Lion Inn last night.

While Brian Gililland from the Okie Show Show was setting up his recording equipment, Jeff Provine and I stepped outside to record our introduction to the place. Also outside at the time was Brain’s wife making a phone call. We went back inside. I had both my hands full, one on the mic and the other holding my recorder to capture the sound of the old wooden door opening. Jeff closed the door behind us and we went to check on Brian. About 15 seconds later, Laney tries to get inside, but the deadbolt was locked.

The second story happened toward the end of the night. Spoilers for Okie Show Show ahead as this next bit was recorded. We were doing a bit for Okie Show Show where all of the lights were turned off and Brian was asking for a ghost to talk to us. The owner of the place was in the hallway while the rest of us were gathered around a table when said she saw shadows moving upstairs. There were jokes about no one wanting to check it out when I very definitely ranted about there not being any ghosts (I was still in character of Sam Saxton). I stood up and went to look for myself and saw…Nothing. I took a seat and went on and on about there being no such things as ghosts. They gave up and turned the lights back on. I was still ranting as the lights were turned back on and one of the lights above us popped.

Those are my stories from last night on Sunday. I’ll share more about the recording process when I release the episodes. Our crossover episodes will be out next month!