“After being invited to join another podcast group at the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie, Sam and Geoff arrive early to Oklahoma’s most haunted town to gather more stories while there. Local residents give personal experiences of downtown and Stacey Frazier of the Guthrie Ghost Walk shares a treasure trove of stories about a town where the truth is even more shocking than the legends.”

Miss Lizzie's in Downtown Guthrie - photo by Dennis Spielman

Jeff and I recorded both this episode and the Stone Lion Inn one on the same day, which was a huge time saver. We walked around, trying to get a few people to be interviewed about the area, but we were meet with people not wanting to be recording or didn’t have any stories. It was a Sunday afternoon when we went to Guthrie and a few places were closed. The fabric store, which we had both visited last year for Uncovering Oklahoma, had closed up shop to our surprise. We did manage to get a couple of stories and a great interview from Stacey Frazier.

I’ve been enjoying this mini-arc leading up to the Stone Lion Inn. The voice mail from Brain in this episode was a happy accident. Though miscommunication/misunderstanding, Brain spoke as if we were coming today when I wanted a line to be used before in the last episode on Bricktown. Another happy accident was the timing of the train in the background right when we were talking about the train station. We did comment about it during the interview, but I cut it out for pacing.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

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