Ryan Fogle of Ride OKC gave me a sample bicycle tour of Oklahoma City’s Art & Architecture in this sponsored Uncovering Oklahoma episode. Experience downtown Oklahoma City with unforgettable bike tours and rentals offering insight into the unique history, art, architecture, craft beer and local food with Ride OKC.

I had a great time biking around the city with Ryan. As part of the sponsorship package, I also made him mini-videos of each of the stops for his social media accounts.

Book your bike tour at www.RideOKC.com. I’ve personally done the cookie tour, which I did a video about a while back, and that was a blast.

Bonus Video: I could TELL you why you should ride a bike along the Oklahoma River in Oklahoma City, or I can SHOW you a tiny selection of the trail system. Featuring Ryan Fogle of Ride OKC for this journey.