Thank you for watching Quarter Minutes in 2019! Here’s a recap collection of all of the stories we made throughout the year, with some minor improvements. This collection contains the short films, Zloou’s Prank Show, Modern Haunted House, Shift Happens, and Deadly Repeat, as well as our bloopers. Our 2019 season featured the talents of:

  • Daniel Austin
  • Pallas
  • Brian Gililland
  • John Souders
  • Aaron Souders

I know this series is my least popular, but I enjoy making these and I’m determined to keep getting better. I had a goal of releasing one a month, but when my other series such as Art & Victory, Tales Unveiled, and Yes! Science! started to pick up in April, Quarter Minutes fell through the cracks. With as much as I do, perhaps one every other month or every quarter would be a more realistic goal for 2020. 

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