Pallas the Library interviews Autumn Loveless, a software developer at amshot in this episode of Yes! Science! Pallas and Autumn also talk about making robots, 3D printing, and the book, “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” by Dennis E. Taylor.

Autumn’s previous experience ranges from managing servers, to creating a project management website for computer science students, to supplementing development staff at several small and large companies. The common denominator in her job experience is designing creative solutions to problems. She likes to view each challenge as a puzzle, which, coincidentally, she also spent time designing while working at an escape room.

Autumn spends her free time competing in Ludum Dare, building robots, and creating smart gadgets, especially if they are eco-friendly or look like magic tricks (like her “floating” lightbulb creation, made with a magnet and a wireless charger). She also regularly serenades her wife and two cats on one of the many instruments she plays.

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This is the last episode of season three of Yes! Science! There are plans for a fourth season in 2020, however, I’m looking at selling the series for distribution to take it to a whole new level.