“Everyone is creative.”

That’s part of the manifesto of the global creative community meetup, Creative Mornings. In this Uncovering Oklahoma short, Heady Coleman, Andrea Fillmore, and Quint from the Oklahoma City chapter share reasons you should attend Creative Mornings and what the monthly event is all about.

I’ve been sitting on this footage since May. I had planned to release this story back then, however, when I went to edit it, I realized that I never really recorded b-roll footage of past Creative Mornings sessions. I haven’t been able to attend any sessions until the December one. I put this video together because I’m starting 2020 with a new look for the series and I wanted to clear out some older content.

If you want to attend Creative Mornings for yourself, the Oklahoma City chapter hosts an event once a month on a Friday. Every month features a different speaker at a different venue. Tickets are free but are limited. I recommend that you head over to the Oklahoma City page at creativemornings.com/cities/okc and subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of upcoming events.