Keeping closer to home, Sam and Geoff visit the Stockyard City district, a part of Oklahoma City they don’t normally visit. Cindy Scarberry from the Rodeo Opry Foundation was kind enough to host the interview session and brought Stefani and Greg to share tales of the unexplained in the district.

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Now, we would like to take stock of the people that we are thankful for sharing their stories with us for this episode. Thank you, Cindy Scarberry, Stefani, and Greg.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary

I first met Cindy Scarberry when I was commissioned by the Arts Council OKC to do a series of educational videos. I told Cindy about the Tales Unveiled podcast and asked her if she had any ghost stories about the district and said she could gather some.

This is the first episode I got to use some new microphones that I got from Wish (which took like over two months before they arrived). I wanted a mic setup where guests didn’t have to touch or hold the microphone to reduce handling noise. They worked okay for the price, but I’m going to look into and invest in something better.

I’m happy with how well this episode turned out. It was great to get more stories about Oklahoma City. Stay tuned next week for our episode about Griffin Memorial and Sutton Wilderness.