Featuring 185 videos I made, I am excited to share the online lung rehabilitation program, Exhale has launched! If you or someone you know someone is struggling with COPD, smoking, and other lung conductions, Exhale takes a holistic wellness approach with educational videos, strength training, yoga, breathing techniques, and even cooking classes.

While there are over 100 videos on the app, a user technically won’t see them all as the program is customized to a person’s needs. For example, if you have diabetes, there are some additional videos about diabetes and how it relates to lung health. There are also five different skill levels, based on the mMRC standard for the strength, walking, and yoga videos. Also, technically I have made over 200 as the company went through an identity change in the early stage so we reshoot a bunch of lessons and redid videos based on feedback too.

I meet with the founder, Wendy Lawson, back in November of 2020 and we’ve been filming videos ever since that December. I’m excited to see how this program goes. There are plans to add more content and cover more fields!

Learn more at joinexhale.com