Tyler Powell and Tom Robins discuss Keeping Politically Aware for your Business in this article I wrote for the Oklahoma Venture Forum.

Tom Robins is the president and founder of the Oklahoma Innovative Technology Alliance (OITA).  Robins described OITA as the home and voice for Oklahoma Innovation and Technology, where their number one priority is creating a workforce talent pipeline for their members as they grow. Previously, Robins spent time in D.C. after graduating from college and went to Utah State, got his master’s in political management from the George Washington University, worked for the Senate judiciary and other projects in Washington D.C. on political campaigns. In Oklahoma, he was the Deputy Secretary of Energy for the previous governor, helping advise and handle energy policy and all of its forms for the governor.  

Tyler Powell owns the firm CSS Partner, assisting in government affairs and political strategy, helping clients of all sizes, including OITA. Before starting CSS Partner in 2017, Powell was the Deputy Secretary of Environment, where he met Robins. As the Deputy Secretary, Tyler oversaw the implementation of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan, the Water for 2060 Act, and the Lesser Prairie Chicken Range Wide Conservation Plan.  

“Policy and politics impact in the innovation technology industry, but it might not be something that people think about,” said Tom Robins.  

For the Oklahoma Venture Forum, Powell and Robins will host a panel discussion along with Representative Nicole Miller and Senator Julia Kirt. Members will get an update on what happened in the elections, which will be the night before the Power Lunch Event. Topics will include the implications of the elections, both for D.C. and locally, and how that’ll impact over the next couple of years, innovation, and technology.  

“I think obviously it’s going to be super topical given kind of it’s the day after the election,” said Tyler Powell. “What will the next two and four years look like? What are those issues that, if I’ve got a business, I need to be thinking about, or in the case of stuff that we’re going to be promoting, how is that going to go through and change based off the current dynamics of what the legislature looks like?”  

Kirt, Miller, Powell, and Robins will speak to Oklahoma Venture Forum Power Lunch members on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. The event will be open to members and guests both in-person and virtually via ZOOM.  

“OVF brings together investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovation and technology leaders, and engaging and educating, engaging elected officials or policymakers is an important opportunity for that community,” said Robins. “We can learn from one another.”