Working with Arts Council Oklahoma City, I’ve launched Sessions from Art & Victory. Sessions are one-off artistic lessons for people to enjoy at home or in the classroom. To kick off the session series, teaching artist Katelynn Knick shares how to make a coffee filter watercolor painting, a pop-up paper sculpture, and a god’s eye. 

Helen Frankenthaler inspired Coffee Filter Painting with Katelynn Knick

Alexander Calder inspired Pop Up Sculpture with Katelynn Knick

God’s Eye with Katelynn Knick

Featured Non-Profit: Arts Council Oklahoma City

“Through the generosity of people like you, Arts Council Oklahoma City’s programs and events reach over 1 million people annually. From children receiving hands-on arts instruction, to families enjoying the award-winning Festival of the Arts, your gift allows us to bring the arts and the community together.”

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