Indulge in the sweet world of Cups N Cakes with owners Bri’elle Carton and Thomas, as they share the delightful journey of their bakery in this episode of Uncovering Oklahoma. Discover what sets Cups N Cakes apart as they discuss their dedication to crafting unique recipes, always introducing new and exciting flavors.

Bri’elle’s passion for baking began by watching “Cake Boss,” leading to the establishment of their bakery. Learn about their popular cupcake flavors, including Bri’elle’s personal favorite, the strawberry cupcake, and the unique Lavender Lemon with a 100% success rate among customers. Thomas raves about the creme brulee cupcake, revealing their commitment to quality by sourcing coffee beans locally from KLLR Coffee.

Whether you’re into special orders or mini cupcakes, Cups N Cakes promises a delectable experience for every visitor. Visit them at the shop in Edmond and explore the diverse world of cupcake creations.

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