Join me for an exclusive tour of the incredible exhibition, “Edith Head: Hollywood’s Costume Designer,” now open at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art (OKCMOA). This is a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else! I’m thrilled to have Catherine Shotick, the guest curator of this highly anticipated exhibition, with me.

In this video, Catherine and I explore the fascinating career of Edith Head, the legendary eight-time Oscar®-winning costume designer. We’ll dive into her iconic sketches, view screening areas, and marvel at 70 original costumes. The exhibition takes over the Museum’s third-floor galleries, showcasing Head’s influence at Paramount and Universal Studios’ costume departments. As we tour, Catherine shares insights into the costumes, the film industry of that era, and the actors who wore these iconic outfits.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Hollywood history. The OKCMOA has made the exhibition even more accessible with QR codes that provide English and Spanish audio descriptions, as well as visual descriptions of select costumes. Remember, this exhibition is exclusive to Oklahoma City and won’t be traveling elsewhere, so make sure to visit often and take your time experiencing everything it has to offer.

Enjoy the tour!