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Video Blog Update March 18, 2013

Good News: I have written out the scripts for the first six episodes of The Time Traveling Troupe. To mark the occasion, I’ve made this video blog to talk about them.

There’s still more work to be done before I can start shooting, but I am a step closer.

Site Updates Jan 23, 2013

Over at Uncovering Oklahoma, my page on The Center of the Universe in Tulsa was mentioned in a blog post, 10 Real Life Things That Would Be Easter Eggs in a Video Game. It’s a fun read. I noticed this because there was a massive spike in traffic and naturally I wanted to know where it came from. The day that article was published, I had the highest traffic to Uncovering Oklahoma period. With the traffic the page has been receiving, I updated it with more pictures and the passage on it from the date idea book.

Speaking of the Date Idea Book, the paperback is now available at BARNS & NOBLE and a digital DRM-free PDF option is at Lulu. At the time I wrote this, Barns & Noble put my book on sale for $9.57 so get it while you can for cheap! I’m looking into creating an eReader format version of the book, which would forgo any facing page layout for straight information.

I am scheduled for an interview on the radio show, No Fun Intended, on February 10. I’m really excited about it! Hopefully I’ll be scheduled for more interviews. I really want this book to do well.

Now for an update on my Sonic the Hedgehog fan site that I own, SoaH City. It might not be dead just yet. I’m not going to say anything more!

The Time Traveling Troupe? Stories are slowly in the works for it. I’m working on scripts and another book at the same time.

I’ve lowered the price The Movie Murder Mystery Party game book down to $8.99 for the paperback book. (Depending on when you read this, some stores may still have the $9.99 price.)

Well, I believe that’s everything for now.

Time Traveling at a Waterfall

Yesterday, I had a dream where I was filming an episode of The Time Traveling Troupe at this just simply beautiful waterfall. I don’t remember of the plot of the episode, but everyone was admiring the beauty of location. The place was just magical. It was like no place any of the cast or crew had ever visited. Odd thing is, I don’t have plans to film at a waterfall for the first season, but I do for the exact opposite: in a desert.

I’m so looking forward to being able to film the show next year. Oklahoma has many great locations for filming and I do plan to take advantage of them for this show. Soon…

Date Guide Book 2.0 + The Future!

CoverThe Second Edition of Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Guide book is now available! This edition is twice the size with 32 pages of places and over 50 ideas for dates – whether it’s a first date, a fun day out with other couples, or even an intimate, romantic date – the book has it covered.

The areas included are Oklahoma City, Bricktown, Norman, Edmond, and Arcadia, along with general ideas that can be done anywhere. Here’s a detailed list of what’s new:

  • New cover taken at the SkyDance Bridge in Oklahoma City, with thanks to Jeffrey Burleson and Susan Riley
  • New Section: Edmond and Arcadia with Armstrong Auditorium, E.C. Hafer Park, POPS, Arcadia Lake, Lemongrass, and Elevation Trampoline Park
  • New Section: ANYWHERE! A general date activities section with ideas that can be done anywhere
  • New in the Norman section is the Second Friday Circuit of Art, Pink Elephant Cafe & Tres Cantina, Cookies & Cards, Gaberino’s, and Shall We Dance?
  • New in the Oklahoma City section is The Oklahoma River, Martin Park Nature Center, Will Rogers Gardens, Myriad Botanical Gardens, Pole Position Raceway, Urban Art, Sara Sara Cupcakes, I.V.C., and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art
  • Removed upcoming plays at the theaters to keep the book timeless
  • Added Chapter Quotes because quotes are cool
  • Updated, replaced, and added a new foreword, pictures, quotes, links, etc. with other minor changes and improvements throughout the book

Download Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Guide Book PDF

If you liked my date book and Uncovering Oklahoma web site, please vote for “Uncovering Oklahoma” as “Best Web Site or Blog” and “Dennis Spielman” as “Best Local Writer” in the Oklahoma Gazette’s Best of OKC 2012 Awards! Every vote helps!

So, what now?

The third edition, which I tentatively set for September 18, will include Tulsa. I will be visiting the Tulsa area throughout the summer.

I will also be working on getting The Crashing of Heaven and Hell released (also tentatively set for early September). All’s that’s left is to get a book cover, a proofread by an editor, and film a book trailer.

In July the goal is to film prequel videos for The Time Traveling Troupe and hopefully in August film an actual show. Raychel Winstead, Kyle Brower, and I held a meeting at Big Truck Tacos and decided to put on an impressive, over-the-top one night show. The show should would be like three episodes with an over arching plot. We’re still working out the details, including the date, but we’ll more and likely partner with OKC Improv.

In September, I want to film a horror movie in a “found footage” style of to be released in October. I’m still working out the script, but it’s going to be a prequel for another book of mine, Too Close to the Ground, that I’ve been working on and off since high school. This book is planned to be released in either November or December.

As you can see, I have a full plate for this year. I even have projects planned for 2013. Keep up-to-date with the “Subscribe via Email” box to the right.

Uncovering Oklahoma on deadCENTER Film Festival and Date Guide Book

On Uncovering Oklahoma I’ve been running a series of Director Q&A sessions with filmmakers from the deadCENTER Film Festival. All of the deadCENTER tagged posts can be read here, including interviews with Jay Webster of LoveTown, Diane Glancy of The Dome of Heaven, and Lance McDaniel of Just Crazy Enough.

The second edition of Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Guide book will be released online on Tuesday, June 12th. I already have twice the content of the first edition.

Once that is released, I’m going to focus on The Time Traveling Troupe. Since the Kickstarter fundraising failed, I had a meeting with the actors and we decided on having one big show that acts as a three episode story arc. More on that project another time.

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