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Saint Amon Baking Co.

For my second Tulsa story this year, I visited with chefs Sarah & Jean-Baptiste Saint Amon. They’re a married couple from the U.S. and France that has brought the vision of French baking to Tulsa. With scratch-made baked goods, Saint Amon Baking Co has a motto that everyone should be able to afford good, quality food. With options ranging from things people may have never heard about to treats for children to high-end desserts to enjoy. 

Visit them for yourself at 6333 East 120th Ct F in Tulsa or online at

Venita Cooper of Silhouette Sneakers - photo by Dennis Spielman

Silhouette Sneakers & Art

For my first proper Uncovering Oklahoma episode for 2020, I traveled to Tulsa where I interviewed Venita Cooper of Silhouette Sneakers & Art. Silhouette is a retail experience where fashion, art, and community converge. In my interview with Venita, she shared the story behind her passion for sneakers and her goals of becoming an inclusive space in Tulsa.

As part of my goal to improve the quality of my episodes this year, for the first time, I’ve released this video in 10-bit 4K HDR HLG. In the past, I’ve typically released episodes in 8-bit 1080p SDR as 4k felt like overkill, plus it allowed me to crop the video without losing quality. This year, I’m also doing interviews with at least two cameras. There are new graphics to go with the new year. Basically, I wanted to flex my skills and be better so I hope you enjoy.

Visit Silhouette Sneakers for yourself at 10 North Greenwood Avenue Suite C (facing Archer) in Tulsa or their website at

Thank you to my supporters on Patreon for helping to make Uncovering Oklahoma possible! Big thanks to superstar supporters: Lynn and Steve Keller-Kenton Family and Revolve Productions.

A Spirit Tour of Tulsa

Sam and Geoff travel to see Teri French, founder of the Tulsa Spirit Tours, who has been sharing Tulsa’s colorful past with locals and visitors alike for over a decade. They meet at Foolish Things Coffee where Teri discusses the city’s history, including stories of the Tulsa Race Massacre, serial killers, and prohibition scandals.

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We would like to thank Teri French for sharing stories with us and Foolish Things Coffee for letting us record on their patio.

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Behind the Scenes Commentary (Spoilers)

Our original plan to feature Tulsa was to include it in connection with our Route 66 storyline. However, with logistics and schedules, we made Tulsa its own trip. On the way back home, Jeff and I did take Route 66 with the intent of hoping to get some stories on the way to Chandler from Tulsa. Since it was Sunday, the few towns we did pass through were closed and we had no luck. We may try again next season.

I did reach out to the Cave House and Gilcrease Museum for interviews, but I never heard back. I would love to go back for more personal stories about Tulsa, but Teri did give us a great overview of the city.

Foolish Things: Bar and Biscuit and Foolish Things Coffee Co

Yesterday for Uncovering Oklahoma, I first visited Foolish Things: Bar and Biscuit in Tulsa’s Brookside District where they’re exploring the depth and breadth of a bar program with coffee in the morning, cocktails in the evening, and floral bar all day with a food program. Then owner Justin Carpenter gave me a tour of his first business, Foolish Things Coffee Co, in the Cathedral District.

I went to Tulsa and edited the video back home on the same day. The last time I did a video about Tulsa was on Gathering Place and Shades of Brown. Along the way, I was brainstorming ideas for the second season of Tales Unveiled, which Jeff and I will start recording next month. June is already looking to be pretty busy for me, mainly because this year I’ll be filming for deadCenter.

Next week, I’m doing an episode on creative burgers in Oklahoma City. Art & Victory will be on Monday with the topic of writing stories at The Depot. deadCenter starts on Thursday through Sunday.

Shades of Brown - photo by Dennis Spielman

Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown is a place where you can come and be your total self while having a really good cup of coffee. Owner, Melinda Curren, and barista, Ben Udwin, discuss the vibe this Brookside coffee shop in Tulsa.

I filmed this video the same day I was in Tulsa for the Gathering Place preview. I’m glad I was able to film two stories that day and in Tulsa for that matter, which I normally don’t get around to doing stories there.

Shades of Brown isn’t too far away from the Gathering Place, so if you’re in Tulsa I hope you enjoy the video and check out them both out.

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