DoubleShot Coffee, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, distinguishes itself with a deliberately limited menu focused on expertly crafted, non-milk drinks such as americanos, espressos, and pour overs. Owned and roasted by Brian Franklin, the company emphasizes a hands-on, manual approach to coffee roasting, eschewing computer control to create a nuanced flavor profile. Franklin, who travels globally to source coffee and connect with farmers, encourages patrons to appreciate the inherent flavors of their coffees without additives. ‘

The iconic building housing DoubleShot is a meticulously reconstructed 1850s Amish dairy barn, fostering a unique and authentic atmosphere. Sustainability is integral, with 70 solar panels generating a third of their power, and the use of reclaimed materials from various sources. 

Complementing their exceptional coffee offerings are freshly made pastries designed to enhance the overall coffee experience. DoubleShot’s mission extends beyond profit, aiming to educate and share the true essence of coffee with those who may not yet appreciate its nuances, inviting everyone to indulge in a genuine coffee experience at their distinctive establishment.

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