Uncovering Oklahoma’s first HD video is sweet! I’ve been wanting to do this show in HD for a years and now my first HD video is online. For the latest Uncovering Oklahoma video, I interviewed Cher Casso of the fairy tale inspired candy shop, Pinkitzel. Watch the HD video to find what treats Pinkitzel offers, what makes the shop special, and the meaning of Pinkitzel’s name. More information and pictures can be found on the Pinkitzel page.

The video was shot with my new Canon Rebel T3i. It did a great job. I really liked the whole tapeless process of shooting video. Transferring clips is way faster and easier than capturing footage. The ability to switch between video and photo was wonderful and so useful.

The same day I was out filming this video, I did the first episode of my new Wild Improv Challenge series with Raychel Winstead. A few days later, I shot the second episode. So far, so good.