What a better way to celebrate Uncovering Oklahoma’s seventh year anniversary today than with a video about the ninth annual Norman Music Festival, which will take place in Downtown Norman on April 21, 22, and 23 in 2016. To simply put it, the Norman Music Festival is a massive three-day festival with nearly every genre of music represented. To get to best the feel and advice for the event, along with the restaurants in the Downtown Norman area, watch my film above.

As you can see with this video, I have done away the “weekly talk and travel show” format that I had experimented with back last winter. To be honest, I had shot a version of this video in the talk show format, however, I simply didn’t like how it turned out, how it looked visually, and mostly me as a host. But as you can see, I came up with a Plan B! I loved as to how well this turned out.

Going forward, there will be weekly videos similar to this style featuring creative people, places, and events throughout Oklahoma.

To learn more about some of the bands performing at the festival, click here for my Q&A interview series of performers, past and present, over on Uncovering Oklahoma. I’ve been rather busy with band interviews!

Stay turned! There are so many wonderful things to see.