The Plaza District, Film Row, Western Avenue, and H&8th. Each of these Oklahoma City districts may have a unique history and aesthetic, but they also have something in common: over the past few years they all have experienced a revival with the creation of regular events that bring businesses, neighbors, and “outsiders” together. This feature-length documentary shares stories and advice on district revitalization throughout Oklahoma City from the people who helped create positive change in their communities and want to inspire others to do the same.

When I started Uncovering Oklahoma, the main mission was to show people that there were interesting and fun things to do in Oklahoma. However, there has always been a secondary mission to make Oklahoma more interesting. District Up is the first major project to not only help make Oklahoma more lively, but other communities as well with stories and advice from those who helped creative positive change.

District Up will be traveling the film festival circuit this summer and fall. Hopefully, fingers crossed, District Up will make its world premiere at the deadCENTER Film Festival!

But Wait! There’s More!

I am excited to announce that I’m shifting to do Uncovering Oklahoma full time! What this means is there will be more content more regularly, both Uncovering Oklahoma and here. The weekly show I did a test run last year, will make its return with refinements. There will be improvements throughout Uncovering Oklahoma, such as area guides with information about places. I’ll have more time for my creative projects too.

I have a ton of exciting things in the works and I hope to continue to follow me! Thank you everyone for their support and those that have helped make everything possible.