Get something to eat while listening to great music at Riverwind Casino’s Beats and Bites. Megan Williams from Riverwind and Will Martin from Nacho Biznez talk about the experience at Beats and Bites.

Then we go to Edmond to visit the craft beer house and lawn, The Patriarch, which is literarily a house. General Manager, Stephen Viljoen, explains what sets them apart from other bars.

Finally, we end in Oklahoma City along the river to the new Wheeler District Ferris Wheel where District Developer, Blair Humphreys, shares the interesting story of how the Ferris Wheel ended up in OKC.

This week’s end credits features music from the local band, Wicked Shimmies, with their song, “On My Way Out.”

As usual, be sure to watch it all the way to end for the bloopers.