Run and ride your bike at Oklahoma City’s Myriad Botanical Gardens during their Full Moon Run and Ride event. Held on the evenings of full moons, this free event will take you through downtown. Join other runners in a 5K run, led by Ultramax Sports Oklahoma, through the scenic downtown area as the sun sets. Bring your bike and meet up a for a leisurely one hour ride. Downtown-area routes are specially planned by Schlegel Bicycles.

Then we go to the Plaza District to visit the art gallery, Graphite, who focuses on highlighting local artists.

While in the Plaza District, the counter-culture store, Dig It, shares their unique offerings you won’t find elsewhere.

Fun Facts: I filmed four segments in the same day while I was at the Plaza District: An Artist Statement Minute with AK Westerman, Graphite, Dig It, and finally Roxy’s Ice Cream Social.