Individual Artists of Oklahoma encourages progressive artists in Oklahoma working in all disciplines through monthly exhibitions, educational programs, and community partnerships. IAO promotes inclusion of the arts in the community and in education by keeping nearly 100% of its programs and admission to the gallery completely free to the public.

Continuing my focus on art this month, I interviewed Executive Director, Laurence Myers Reese, to talk about the gallery and what kind of art one can expect to find there.

I did a video on IAO Gallery last year, which I published on June 23, 2016 (I did not plan this scheduling). I rewatched it today for the first time since I’ve finished it. I have to say, I have come a long way improving the quality of my videos in 2017. I’ve gotten better at coaching people in interviews to make them more comfortable and truly shine. I’ve also gotten better at telling stories and showing sides that people don’t usually see to a place. I’ve been killing it this year. Although, I wish more people would watch them and I hope that people haven’t stopped following me because of the past.

Thank you, everyone, and my supporters on Patreon, for your on-going support! Be sure to share this video and check out the gallery. Below is my latest Artist Statement Minute video of what’s on display at this time.