Looking for a cool Summer Treat in Oklahoma? In this remastered episode of Uncovering Oklahoma, I traveled to Edmond, Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa for delicious treats to help keep you cool during the triple digit temperatures. This remastered video includes Roxy’s, Eskimo Sno, Epic Pops, Katiebug’s, and Gelateria – STG.

This version is an update from July of last year when I released the summer treats video minus Epic Pops. I wanted to include Epic Pops in the original video, but they were in the process of a remodel. I included them in this remastered version, which I didn’t change much other than color correction and some minor changes. Nothing really new, but I have new people watching it and I wanted to give it an update for them.

The episode starts with an interview with Raena Mutz on Roxy’s Ice Cream Social in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District. They specialize in making small batches of fresh ice cream in unique flavors and fresh baked cookie sandwiches. They now have multiple locations throughout Oklahoma City.

Then it’s to Norman for a classic snow cone treat from Eskimo Sno. Husband and wife team, Adrian and Jennii Buendia have been making snow cones since 1999.

While in Norman, stop for an epic treat at Epic Pops in Campus Corner. Owner, Jordan Holt brings the joy of youthful memories of eating popsicles that you won’t find anywhere else.

In Downtown Edmond is the shave ice and hot chocolate trailer, Katiebug’s. The Mom part of the Mother/Daughter team, Melissa Morgan, shares their fun summer treats, like the Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Finally, in Tulsa Mike Bausch talks about Gelateria – STG. Mike fights the stigma of gelato not being the same as it is in Italy by sourcing the same machines and ingredients as them.

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